Business to Business

Smart technology that works for you

We specialize in commercial building automation systems, from multi-level office blocks, high-traffic sites, and private offices. Our service modernizes and increases the productivity of your workplace, making use of leading products and cutting-edge wireless technology, giving you greater control of your business, optimizing costs and resources.

As a business owner or facilities manager, you have enough to worry about without letting business operations technology distract you.

Nebulacloud IT can give you a competitive advantage by improving operational efficiency. Set your lighting, music, temperature, and video to greet your customers with the perfect welcome.

With one button, your security system is activated, the lights turn on, the temperature is adjusted, and all music and televisions turn on automatically. Be on the lookout for things, from anywhere.

Whether the equipment or lights are left on, alarms, fires, cameras, who enters, who leaves or unusual activity is detected, you will always be informed.

We take care of all aspects of technology within your organization.

Everything under one roof - We have IT expertise with extensive experience in installing technology, from placing screens on walls to running and terminating product wiring, which means you don't have to worry about who to call. In fact, you don't need to call us thanks to your blazing fast business network and extra hardware - we know about issues before you do!

Lighting Control Systems

Nebulacloud IT designs and installs lighting solutions from individual rooms to complete building and exterior lighting control solutions in and around the office or work environment.

Climate Control Systems

Whether for your home or office, Nebulacloud IT can design an automatic climate control system that is right for you. You can control the temperature in individual rooms or office spaces to create the perfect temperature for work or play.

Video & Voice Conference Systems

We can offer you customized solutions for your smart office video. Conference calling becomes a simple task and there is no need to travel to meetings when you have our simple one-step video conferencing system installed.

Network Cabling & Wiring

From office cinemas and music on demand to security, lighting and communication systems, Nebulacloud IT develops, designs, configures and installs solutions that adapt to any type of site. Installing a structured cabling system ensures the long-term value, enjoyment, expandability, and functionality of any office.

Security & Door Entry

We use the latest high definition (HD) technology and equipment, including cameras that show color even at night and record audio at your facility. You can check at your office or at home using the Internet or applications that are also available.

Outdoor Advertising & Digital Signage

Nebulacloud IT supplies, designs, installs, maintains and services complete digital signage systems, outdoor advertising displays, and static or mobile signs to display and communicate information in all weather conditions, rain, snow or shine.

Automation & Control Systems

Office automation and control systems allow you to make all your new or existing products and systems work together within your office environment. You can easily control all your products and devices.