Keep your current security camera infrastructure, but in the cloud.

Replace your current NVR with a Cloud Gateway and turn your existing camera system into an smart cloud platform.

ONVIF compliant and designed to work with thousands of the most popular camera models from dozens of the leading manufacturers, our Cloud Gateways let you move your current cameras into the cloud effortlessly and cost effectively.

Secure and cost-effective video archiving available from 7 days to 5 years. 60 second plug and play setup with a Cloud gateway service.

Connect to our Cloud service for free and add as little as $7 a month for every connected camera, which includes unlimited cloud storage of bookmark video.

Get started today with Cloud Gateways

Take advantage of our reliable and secure cloud services!

Cloud Gateways is the ideal solution for businesses and homes that want to connect their existing cameras to the cloud. Our gateway securely and instantly connects your IP cameras to the cloud, allowing for easy remote monitoring and management of your video surveillance system.

With Cloud Gateways, you can access real-time footage anytime, anywhere with an internet connection – giving you more control over your security systems than ever before.

Cloud Gateways