Leveraging the cloud to eliminate cost and simplify surveillance

Today’s physical security solutions live in the cloud and they bring all the typical benefits associated with any digital transformation– centralized management, scalable solutions, access to tools that require powerful processing, and reduction in costs.

Use your existing cameras

Our Cloud Gateways solutions can connect almost every camera on the market today. Use your current cameras or buy the brands you like the most and have them all connected under one centrally managed platform. Contact us about the different Cloud Gateways available to meet any security challenge in your business or home.

Add new Cloud Cameras

Choose from a variety of Cloud cameras up to 8MP and PTZ with built-in storage and smarts - no need to purchase NVRs, backup servers, or bridges. Every camera includes integrated intelligence and supports recording in camera, in cloud or both.

Video storage your way

Store data locally on cloud cameras or choose from a variety of cloud gateways to meet any storage needs. Cloud storage is available with 4K resolution for up to 5 years. Hybrid storage options are also available.

No network? No problem

Cellular solutions plug into a standard power outlet and connect two cameras directly to the cloud using 3G, 4G and 5G networks. These are commonly used for gates, parking lots, remote properties, construction sites and other areas without network access.

Intelligence Included

Analytics include people detection, object detection, abandoned object, removed object, direction of travel, linger, enter and exit, crowd formation, heat maps, vehicle detection, queue management and more. Run graphical reports and download data to any database.

Search through 24 hours of video in seconds.

This exclusive, harnesses the processing power of the cloud and unlocks powerful search capabilities. Search through 24 hours of recorded video from up to 100 cameras at the same time in seconds. Find important events and jump to full resolution HD recorded video instantly. Highlight motion detection and people detection events and easily recreate scenes with multiple cameras.