Thermal Cameras

The perfect tool for any business

These advanced systems enable easy monitoring of your facility or property 24/7, detecting problems before they become expensive issues.
With built-in analytics and temperature measurements, Smart Thermal Cameras deliver real-time data to help you better manage asset and personnel temperature during events, ensure safe social distancing measures are taken, and more.
Get the peace of mind you need with Smart Thermal Cameras.

Smart Thermal Cameras

Being contactless and therefore non-invasive, is ideal for deployment at controlled entrances to areas and facilities where initial skin temperature measurement is needed for staff and visitors.

With a ±0.2°C / 0.4°F accuracy tolerance, in single person scanning mode, at an effective distance of 1 to 2 meters (3.3 to 6.6 feet), this elevated skin temperature scanning solution provides a high degree of flexibility to meet the individual situational awareness requirements of a wide variety of installations.

Seamless Cloud Integration

Get SMS and email alerts instantly on non- standard temperature readings. Save generic temperature data instantly to the cloud for reporting and auditing purposes. Manage your thermal cameras remote from any location.