Automatización Inteligente

Smart business starts with the individual. Systems need to be easy to use and operate to really benefit the team and the business.

Running a business involves many variables. Your building’s operating costs shouldn’t be one of them.

Smart Automation will automatically monitor and respond to changes in and around your building, instantly adapting to its environment and the people working within it.

Automatización Inteligente
Automatización Inteligente

Comprehensive Coverage

Whatever the type of building, the benefits are shared; cost savings, increased productivity, and more comfortable work environments for everyone. With AI technology, we can automate cameras, HVAC, access, environment, and security.

The first step is a site visit by our experienced team to audit the building and its existing systems. We’ll then offer recommendations and guidance on solutions tailored to your business needs and goals.

Our Smart Building Automation Systems will optimize the working environment of your staff with efficiency and sustainability at the forefront. Once installed, our systems will run intuitively in the background according to the agreed settings, allowing you and your team to focus on the genuine business.

Replace obsolete equipment with technology that?s smart, secure, and easy to manage.

Centralized surveillance management for your entire company and home.

Connect Your Existing Cameras to Cloud.

Smart Elevated Skin Temperature Scanning Solution.

La última cámara que necesitará adquirir

Asegúrese que sus espacios estén protegidos 24/7 con un servicio de supervisión profesional.

Cloud-Based Access Management. Opening Doors to a Smarter World.

Monitoree rapidamente los cambios ambientales en su espacio físico.

Una plataforma basada en la web que facilita la gestión de dispositivos a escala.

Gestiona la seguridad física sobre la marcha desde cualquier dispositivo móvil.

Fortalezca la seguridad al tiempo que se simplifica la gestión de todos sus visitantes

Streamline mailroom deliveries with a simple app to scan packages, notify recipients and manage deliveries.

Automatización Inteligente

We pride ourselves on delivering the smartest and most intuitive business solutions in the industry.

Forget complicated switches and interfaces, our Smart Building Automation systems are easy for everyone to operate. For starters, everything can take place on an employee’s mobile phone, from building access to security (depending on the level of access granted). In certain spaces, wall switches for manual override or panic buttons will be provided as desired and when required, resulting in maximum convenience, control and flexibility at all times.

Our intelligent systems monitor and respond to changes in the building, according to the configuration of your business. It also collects and stores important data about energy usage, building access, and feature utilization, which means you can make informed business decisions going forward. Facilities managers and maintenance teams will enjoy the benefits of remote building monitoring and plant control.

Continuous monitoring enables preventative maintenance and can often be completed remotely as well by constantly automatically updating all your devices, saving call rates and unnecessary downtime.

A truly smart retail space eliminates hard work and offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is optimized all day, every day.