Optimize your Business Operations

Business continuity plans ensure that your business continues to function in the face of ransomware, hardware failures, human errors, and natural disasters, making your company an unstoppable business.

NEBULACLOUD has the infrastructure and experience to keep your business running, even in the worst-case scenario. We are constantly innovating and shaping the entire business continuity piece, delivering the next generation of proactive services, protecting not just recovering.

When any incident threatens to disrupt you, we can quickly replace your systems, give you a new place to work, keep your data secure and always on, or parachute in new or additional computing power from the cloud.

Business Continuity in Chicago

From fully scalable project management to providing an industry-leading network of business continuity facilities, we are at the forefront of keeping your business running. From providing a replacement local office, complete with phone and Internet, to using our huge inventory to recover your IT systems and networks within 24 hours, we provide recovery from every conceivable disaster.

It’s amazing how quickly a business can recover from a catastrophe if data has been properly backed up and protected. The total loss can be overcome in a few hours, with the appropriate services in place. Whether it’s your mobile device, laptop, email servers, or office servers, NEBULACLOUD can back up, store, and retrieve every aspect of your business-dependent data.


Protect your data and strengthen your business avoiding any disaster at an extremely low cost.


Make sure SaaS data (e.g. O365, G-Suite, Dropbox, and Salesforce) is protected.


Reduce the cost of downtime from outages, hardware failures, and natural disasters.


Transfer large or confidential files effectively and securely from anywhere at any time.


Reduce the costs of retrieving relevant data during litigation or compliance audits.


Re-route production data to a duplicate environment in event of a system failure.