We care about your IT security, so you don't have to. Our protection suite covers every angle of threat to today's business IT system, giving you peace of mind and keeping your team productive.

Why you need it?

With reliable and affordable packages designed to meet your exact needs, we provide maximum protection and peace of mind for minimal disruption and financial burden.

How does it help you?

  • Firewall-as-a-Service keeps your protection up to date
  • Encryption to protect your files in case of loss or theft
  • Disaster recovery service that can get you up and running in 30 minutes.
  • Automated Cloud2Cloud backups to fully protect your files
  • US helpdesk for any cyber issue
  • Maximum protection against cyber threats
  • Cloud subscription-based services that automatically update to stay ahead of risk
  • Affordable and reliable packages designed exactly for your needs
  • A provider that covers all services means lower costs, easier to manage and better service
  • Virus protection that stays up-to-date to search
  • Protection against cryptoware and ransomware to help keep your business safe from fraud


Uncover security vulnerabilities in people, processes, and technologies.


Discover and remediate threats across laptops, desktops, and servers.


Provide ongoing training to teach employees how to spot various cyber threats.


Stop threats before they enter your network through a targeted phishing email.


Block malicious websites and control access to legitimate website categories.


Defend against malicious wireless networks and app vulnerabilities.


Ensure only authenticated users are granted access to specific applications even if their credentials have been compromised.


Protect your most sensitive data and adhere to compliance requirements.


Outsourced security operations to provide 24/7 security monitoring and incident response.

Why choose NebulaCloud IT

US Helpdesk and Engineers

High-quality support is just a phone call or ticket away, whenever you need it. All of our engineers are NebulaCloud IT employees, not third parties.

Regular Systems Health Checks

We make sure your technology is monitored and secure at all times with regular health checks and maintenance schedules.

Service Level Agreement - Delivered for you

Our SLAs are set in stone to ensure your expectations are clear and safe.

Guided Acquisitions

Advice and guidance on IT equipment options for both sale and lease. It ensures that you make the right and most profitable decision.