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The restaurant point of sale system that adapts with you.

Help your business stay versatile, no matter what.

  • Diversify your restaurant’s offering with delivery and contactless online ordering
  • Move tables and adjust your floor plan on your app so staff always knows where to go
  • Give customers the flexibility they need by accepting several types of payments
  • Prioritize safety and convenience for your guests and staff with a range of contactless solutions
Restaurant POS System
Restaurant POS System

Turn tables faster with scan and pay.

Let guests order and pay via QR code with Order Anywhere. No wait time for the bill. No apps to download. No friction.

  • Speed up service with easy contactless payments straight from the table
  • Reduce wait times by letting customers scan a QR code, order, split bills and pay—all on their phones
  • Get realtime transaction data and order updates sent straight to your POS with a fully integrated platform
  • Boost your revenue through increased table turnover

Reach more customers with Delivery.

Take your menu on the road, sync to major food delivery apps and grow your business through one easy delivery integration.

  • Get orders from top apps like UberEats, Skip The Dishes or DoorDash sent directly to your restaurant POS software
  • Maximize your delivery zone to reach as many customers as possible
  • Work efficiently by consolidating online orders on one single screen
  • Use the reporting tools to see what’s working and spot new opportunities
Restaurant POS System
Restaurant POS System

Deliver a frictionless unified payment experience.

Manage a range of payments directly from your Restaurant POS software and let customers pay the way they want.

  • Offer fast transactions anywhere with credit card, debit card and mobile payments
  • Let your customers pay quickly at the table from your payment terminal—no more POS needed at hand
  • No hidden costs or installation fees
  • Rely on a team of experts for chargeback management and fraud assistance

A restaurant POS system that understands your needs on the floor.

Set up your front-of-house staff for success with an intuitive and responsive POS system that puts ease of use first.

  • Follow your guests and easily transfer items to a different table, seat or floorplan
  • Filter your floor plan view for oversight on table occupancy time and revenue
  • Enhance the customer experience with modes for ordering by course or seat and bill splitting
  • Take orders and payments quickly in Direct Order Mode
Restaurant POS System
Restaurant POS System

Track and automate your inventory with ingredient management tools that let you save

Keep track of your ingredients with inventory management that tells you exactly how much food you went through, how much you still have on hand and how much you need.

  • Easily perform stock counts, view current stock on hand and current stock value
  • Minimize loss due to spoilage and track how much inventory has been purchased, produced, wasted or sold with stock reporting
  • Identify where you can save on your cost of goods sold
  • Easily access monthly sales reports and export inventory reports when needed

Empower your staff with built-in hospitality tools.

Whether you're serving in your dining room or delivering on the road, equip them with a restaurant POS system that's easy to learn and they'll love to use.

  • Boost efficiency and order accuracy with online ordering
  • Create custom combos and menu modifiers to speed up order taking
  • Set employee permissions for individual locations or manage them all at once
  • Enable staff to fire full orders, courses or drinks to the kitchen or bar in just one tap
Restaurant POS System
Restaurant POS System

Harness the power of data to increase your profits.

Access all your data and reports on your iPad, mobile phone or desktop computer with our cloud-based platform. From granular sales data to trending menu items to an overview of your business, all the information you need is in your restaurant POS software.

  • Assess your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly revenue with built-in reports
  • Keep an eye on your top-selling (and least popular) menu items with product and category reports with Advanced Insights
  • Track employee performance with staff performance reports
  • Customize your service and optimize your menu and inventory with insights that help you increase profit margins and reduce food waste

Optimize your restaurant booking experience with OpenTable.

Looking to widen your customer base, receive more bookings and get invaluable insights into revenue per dinner? Integrate with the world’s largest table reservation network and ensure a flawless customer experience from sign-in to dine-in.

Restaurant POS System
Retail POS System

Sleek restaurant hardware with a seamless POS integration.

Kitchen printers designed for hot and humid environments and technology that lets you keep working offline and more—our top-quality restaurant hardware is tailored specifically to your needs to handle the hustle of your busiest shifts.

One trusted partner for all your restaurant needs.

With over 15 years of experience providing business tools, we strive to provide technologies that seamlessly integrate with each other, creating an unmatched suite of restaurant solutions.

  • One company to trust. One source of customer data. One support team
  • Get one fully integrated restaurant system
  • Pay only for the bundle that meets your needs and add extra features on top to customize your restaurant platform to your business
Restaurant POS System
POS Support

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