Secure your sites with cloud-managed intrusion detection and 24/7 professional monitoring

The Alarms solution provides organizations with tools to detect and respond to threats across their physical spaces.

Integrated Alarms and Professional Monitoring

Alarms leverages data captured across devices including cameras, doors, environmental sensors, and alarm panels to identify important events and provide visibility as incidents unfold. Included with Alarms is 24/7 professional monitoring with optional video verification and emergency dispatch capabilities.

While your site is armed, trained operators at U.S.-based central stations are standing by to assess and help respond to incidents.

Organizations have the ability to provide operators with controlled access to event-based video feeds to reduce false alarms and provide essential context during emergencies.

Alarms can be managed from anywhere with web-based Command platform and Alarms mobile app. Additionally, organizations can deploy Alarm Console for onsite arming/disarming with an integrated camera and talk-down functionality.

Key Features

  • Intrusion detection that utilizes cameras, doors and sensors
  • 32 input / 2 output Alarm Panel to integrate wired devices (optional)
  • 24/7 professional monitoring provided by trained operators
  • Alarm Console with keypad, integrated camera, and talk-down (optional)
  • Cloud-managed with easy configuration of alarm triggers and responses
  • 10-year warranty on all hardware

Cloud-Managed Alarms Platform

Simple Setup

  • Enable Alarms using any devices as alarm triggers
  • Optional Alarm Panel and Alarm Console come on line and can be configured in minutes
  • No additional software or complexities like port forwarding

Seamlessly Integrated

  • Instantly connect cameras, doors, environmental sensors, and alarm panel inputs / outputs
  • Complete security ecosystem managed under a single dashboard
  • Shared users across alarms and other products

Easy to Use

  • Customize alarm triggers and responses with intuitive interface
  • Arm/disarm sites from anywhere via Command or Alarms App
  • One-click setup of 24/7 professional monitoring

Professional Monitoring

  • 3 U.S.-based, fully redundant, UL listed, TMA 5 Diamond rated monitoring centers with team of trained security professionals
  • Reduce false alarms and ensure priority emergency response with video verification
  • Customize rules for escalation of alarm response

Advantages of Cloud-Managed Solution

  • Secure remote access on any device anywhere
  • SAM L-based integration with single-sign on (SSO) solutions
  • Continuous updates with new features
  • Instantly share live footage via SMS and email

No Hidden Costs

  • Hardware includes an industry-leading 10-year warranty
  • Automatic firmware updates keep systems secure
  • New features and enhancements are added at no additional costs

Professional Monitoring Overview

Incidents are unpredictable.

Ensure your sites are protected 24/7 with our professional monitoring service. Monitoring is provided by three fully redundant, U.S.-based, UL listed central stations with Five Diamond Certification from The Monitoring Association.

Integrated Alarms and Professional Monitoring

Assess the Situation

  • With built-in video verification, agents can assess possible threats and screen out false alarms.
  • If video verification is enabled, users will not be contacted unless incidents are confirmed as real alarms.

Assess the Situation

  • Once a threat is confirmed, agents will dispatch local first responders to the site address.
  • All events can be reviewed, archived and accessed from Command at anytime.

Make Contact

  • When an alarm is raised, agents immediately call and send SMS messages to emergency contact list.
  • If an agent is unable to reach any contacts, they can contact local emergency services to respond.

Alarms Platform

Seamlessly manage sites, configure alarm triggers, and customize alarm responses.

Integrated Alarms and Professional Monitoring

Alarms is powered by Command Platform.

This cloud-based management solution delivers secure remote access with an intuitive interface for ease-of-use.

Site Management

  • See overview of current status and recent events from all sites.
  • Schedule arming/disarming and configure keycodes for onsite management.
  • Instantly view incidents and play back event footage with integrated video surveillance.
  • Control access to your Alarm sites with role-based permissions.

Alarm Console Talk-Down

  • From Command, initiate two-way video calls down to Alarm Consoles at any of your sites, from anywhere in the world.
  • Make calls to Alarm Console to address staff, guests, or potentia I intruders.

Professional Monitoring Configuration

  • Enable video verification of alarms by trained security professionals.
  • Enable dispatch of emergency services.
  • Configure 11an ordered list11 of contacts for monitoring agents to call and text when an alarm is raised.

Device Management

  • Configure wired sensors and outputs on your Alarm Panel from Command with just a few clicks.
  • Create alarm triggers based on events from any device.
  • Manage fleet of devices from single dashboard.

Alarms App

Arm/ disarm sites and raise panic alarms from your mobile device with the Alarms app.

Integrated Alarms and Professional Monitoring

The Alarms app makes it easy to arm and disarm sites as well as raise panic alarms in the event of an emergency. Administrators grant users access to the app through Command and can restrict which sites can be managed by which users.

The Alarms app is available on iOS and Android.

Alarm Panel

Configure wired inputs and outputs for enhanced building security.

Easy Install and Management

  • Cloud-managed from Command for easy device configuration.
  • Wire the Alarm Panel in minutes with ergonomic, easy to access 45° offset screw terminals.
  • Supports nearly all N.O. / N.C. sensors and 12V output devices.
  • Alarm Panels receive automatic software updates for the latest feature updates and security enhancements.

Complete Coverage

  • 32 inputs for connecting wired sensors.
  • 12V AUX for powered sensors.
  • Two programmable 12V power outputs for sirens, strobes, and other alarm signalling devices.
Integrated Alarms and Professional Monitoring

Alarm Console

Easily arm/disarm sites, review events, initiate panic alarms, and talk down to intruders.

Site Management and Visibility

  • Arm and disarm your site with integrated digital keypad.
  • See a feed of recent alarms and key events that have occurred across your facility.
  • Initiate panic alarm in an emergency.

Video Calls from Command

  • Using the built-in camera, microphone, and speaker, instantly communicate with staff or talk down to intruders.
  • Users can initiate a call to the Alarm Console from any device without plug ins or additional software.

10 Year Warranty

  • Alarm Console is covered by our 10-year warranty
Integrated Alarms and Professional Monitoring
Integrated Alarms and Professional Monitoring

Cellular Module

Ensure that facilities are always protected with a backup LTE internet connection. The Cellular Module includes an embedded multi-carrier SIM with automatic failover across multiple LTE networks, providing redundant cellular backup systems on a single device.