Transforming Surveillance with AI Integration

Turn your Video Security into Video Intelligence

AI Camera System makes video footage actionable with edge and cloud computing so you can emerge and solve problems instantly, helping winning companies across all industries know what's happening in real time with video intelligence.

Video footage is now the ultimate data source for detecting and diagnosing problems and taking corrective action.

Install in 10 minutes

Secure and bandwidth friendly

Works with your existing cameras / NVR / VMS

Get purpose-built tools for your video workflows

Seamlessly scale to more cameras and locations

Free 30 days trial

Quick to set up. Powerful at scale. Proven to improve operations.

The easy-to-use camera system designed for your business. Built for how your team wants to use video footage today.
A tool that empowers every person in every business to make decisions based on video data instead of hearsay.


Intelligent Video Recorder (IVR)

Powerful on-edge AI processing built with the latest NVIDIA GPUs.
Gain 24/7 local storage with all the benefits of the cloud.


Premium, high-resolution, NDAA-compliant IP cameras at no cost to you. If you want to keep your current cameras, you can.


Modern software that allows you to view all of your locations in one place. Turn insights into actions from any desktop or mobile device.


Seamless integrations with industry-leading access control, environmental sensors, and POS systems.

Software that makes yourcamera system smarter

  • Easily search all your video footage
  • Deliver meaningful insights with state-of-the-art AI
  • Search and share the footage you need in minutes
  • Works with your current camera system, you don't need to change anything
AI Camera System | NEBULACLOUD
AI Camera System | NEBULACLOUD

First-of-its-kind, powerful Intelligent Video Recorder

  • Cutting-edge technology supercharged by the latest and greatest AI processors
  • Simple deployment that gets you up and running in minutes
  • The best of both worlds with local storage and unlimited cloud backup of your most important clips

Keep your existing cameras or use ours.

Works with your current camera system, you don't need to change anything.
If you need cameras, we will give them to you. It doesn't matter if you don't have them, Cameras are free with software license.


Premium, no-cost IP cameras

  • We replace your existing cameras or give you new ones if you don't have them
  • High resolution, weatherproof cameras that allow you to see everything
  • 5MP and 16x digital zoom
  • NDAA-compliant
AI Camera System | NEBULACLOUD

Want to see our AI Camera System in action?

Get a free trial and see what companies, large and small, find so useful.
Cameras you never have to return. The full-service experience with no commitment.

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Trusted by our customers

The AI Camera System that puts customer trust and security at the forefront of everything we do.
Customers love Video Intelligence.

AI Camera System | NEBULACLOUD
AI Camera System | NEBULACLOUD