Need a better way to manage your devices?

Secure devices are essential to business productivity, but because small business owners and IT leaders have an array of tasks, device refreshments are often extended well beyond their due dates.

Let us free up your time to focus on running your business, while also keeping your devices modern and secure with DaaS (Device as a Service).

Device as a Service DaaS
Device as a Service DaaS

Focus on your essential business operations and eliminate device maintenance.

The DaaS model offers the flexibility required of businesses striving to meet the needs of the modern workplace. With DaaS, we can combine the best devices for your business, lifecycle services, and 24/7 support into an all-inclusive, managed solution—with per-user, per-month cost certainty.

You can scale up or down on your devices, so you aren’t paying for the ones you no longer need. Plus, we can refresh them quickly, upgrade to innovative technologies easily—and best of all—we take on the responsibility of managing and maintaining them.

Add end-of-life disposal so your team has one less thing to worry about!

Contact us today to discuss your options and see how the DaaS program will benefit your company.

Here are some benefits you can look forward to:

  • Reduced workload for IT thanks to no day-to-day management of devices
  • Move purchases from Capital Expenditure to Operational Expenditure
  • Lower upfront procurement cost
  • Greater scalability and visibility on IT costs
  • Deploy assets based on workload; flex up or down with changing workforce needs
  • 24- or 36-month term options are available
  • Made for businesses of all sizes and budgets
Device as a Service DaaS

Get the Latest Devices From These Leading Manufacturers:

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