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Business VoIP Solution

Powerful Business VoIP communications suite

Communications is a critical component for everyday business. NEBULACLOUD has taken voice communications to the next level by adding mobility, desktop integration, and messaging to allow businesses and their employees to stay in touch at any time and any location.

Business VoIP Solution built to enable your teams

Plus, we integrate with key business productivity tools to give your teams the flexibility and freedom to communicate on their terms.

Streamline Your Communications With Unified Connectivity

Cloud-based voice plus mobility, desktop integration & messaging — all with no contract.

Voice and Text for Business - A better VoIP Solution

Features included

Stay connected with comprehensive Unified Communications solutions including VoIP, business text messaging, desktop and mobile apps.

Unlimited Calls

Unlimited calling within the US and Canada.

Text Messaging

Rich messaging and collaboration across SMS/MMS and Cytracom Desktop.

Visual Voicemail

Read, listen to and manage voicemail messages from a single screen.

One number on all devices

One number for your phone, Desktop, and Mobile.

No Contracts

No long-term contracts or commitments—we earn your business every day.

Call Queuing

Place callers within a queue or line to wait for the next available agent or employee.

Call Recording

Record incoming and outgoing calls to help with compliance and training.

Auto Attendant

Never miss a call with a virtual receptionist for your business.

Local Support

Live answer support dedicated to simplifying voice for customers.

  • Mobile Integration
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Voicemail to Email/SMS
  • Web Portal Interface
  • Softphone Compatible
  • Call Queues and Agents
  • Extension Mapping
  • Cloud Extensions
  • Advanced Call Management
  • Conference Bridging
  • Fax Service
  • Centralized Device Management
  • Park Presence
  • Auto Attendant
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Holiday Routing
  • Custom Hold Music
  • Intercom / Paging
  • Custom Caller ID Tagging
  • Forwarding
  • Voice-to-Text
  • Incoming Call Blocking
  • Call Center Functionality
  • Call Recording
  • Direct Inward Dialing
  • Call Conferencing
  • Hunt Groups
  • Find Me / Follow Me
  • Call Activity Filtering
  • Time Frames
  • Presence Indicators
  • Many more coming

Intuitive, tightly integrated mobile and desktop apps

– Mobile –

Take your business on the go with an IOS or Android mobile app free for every customer.

– Desktop –

Leverage a powerful communications hub for real-time interactions with teams and customers.


Sophisticated Hardware

Free phones, fully warrantied, replaced every 36 months.

Digital Presence Indicators
24 real-time, programmable keys with pagination.

HD Audio
Crystal-clear, high-definition sound for perfect call quality.

LCD Display
Two bright, beautiful LCDs come built-in.

Plug & Play Convenience
Simply plug in to your network’s Ethernet connection.

Text Message from your Business Extension

Engage Customers through Text with Business Messaging

You’d prefer to call and send an email. Your customers prefer to text. Are you missing an opportunity? You can effortlessly engage customers through text with Business Messaging.

You can do more than call your customers from your business extension – you can text. With both SMS and MMS support, share more than your two cents – send pictures, videos, documents, and more.

Business VoIP Desktop

Call, text, fax and control your communications from one app, accessed in your browser.

Business VoIP System

In-App Calls

Make and receive calls seamlessly from your desktop.

Business VoIP System

In-App Fax

Send and receive in-app faxes from your desktop.

Business VoIP System

Call Center

Monitor call queues and instantly track key metrics.

Business VoIP System

Business Messaging

Advanced messaging and collaboration tools plus SMS capabilities.

Beautiful apps you'll want to use

Talk. Text. Track. With beautiful Apps, you have the power to communicate on your terms.

Business VoIP Solution

Business Messaging

Message customers directly from your desktop while maintaining your business persona.

Business VoIP Solution


With user status indicators, you’ll know who’s available to take a call.

Business VoIP Solution

Visual Voicemail

Powerful voicemail tools let you read, listen to, and manage your messages on your own terms.

Business VoIP Solution


Manage multiple conversations at the same time with Desktop’s powerful multi-tasking capabilities.

Business VoIP Solution

In-App Calls

Calls. Make them. Mute them. Merge them. Split them. Transfer them — tell them they’ll be on hold. However you have them, you’re in control of the conversation.

Business VoIP Solution

Call Center

Keep a close eye on your call center with our bird’s-eye view analytics. Manage details like call volume, wait time, and team balancing.

One Unified Experience

Office365 Integration

Available in the Office365 cloud environment or in native Outlook.

Initiate calls from contacts or within emails.

See the status of other phone users in your business.

Contact List
View all your office contacts by location.

Visual Voicemail
Read, file, and delete your voicemail messages.

Send faxes directly from your desktop.

Business VoIP Solution

Sophisticated Desk Phones

Free phones, fully warrantied, replaced every 36 months.
Delivered with tight integration to the Business VoIP platform

More Ways to Connect

Built for the way your customers work.

WiFi Upgrade

Upgrade to a WIFI-enabled device for locations where Ethernet is unavailable.


All phones are Bluetooth-integrated to work with your devices.

Meet the Cytracom D2

Our business phone is here. The Cytracom D2 arrives reprovisioned to your users' accounts with centralized device management. Take advantage of features like digital presence indicators, HD audio, color LCD screens, dual gigabit ports, integrated POE and more.

Now with Digital Presence

The Cytracom D2 features real-time, digital presence indicators that can be programmed once within the Cytracom Portal and deployed easily to all devices. Never log into a phone again! There are a whopping 24 presence keys on the phone.

Business VoIP Solution
Business VoIP Solution

Centralized Device Management

Single pane of glass for all customer accounts.

  • Manage Devices & Templates: Configure everything from the portal.
  • Pre-Provisioned Hardware: Phones come ready to plug in and use.
  • Quickly Deploy Updates: Push out changes to all devices at once.
  • Never Log into a Phone: Reduce the time your techs spend on site.

Many Device Options

Looking for something a little different? Choose from our other models.

On Your Terms

Find the pricing bundle that best fits your customer. Plus, win big deals with our competitive volume pricing starting at 20+ users.

Phones that Evolve™

Most phones become outdated over time, but we keep all our customers up to date. Through our Evolve™ program, customers' phones are fully warranted and are upgraded every 36 months. Best of all, our standard phones are free.