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Transforming the way fleet and field service teams achieve operational efficiency and drive customer success. Level up your fleet and field service operations with solutions designed to meet every business need.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Smart Cameras

Field Service management

Compliance Management

  • Track all your vehicules and assets
  • Reduce fuel and labor costs
  • Improve driver and public safety
  • Deploy work crews more efficiently
  • Keep maintenance schedules on track
  • Ensure FMCSA mandate compliance
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Solution for Fleet + Field Operations

GPS Fleet Tracking

Gain clear visibility into how your fleet is running in real time. Improve safety, enhance dispatching, make customers happy, and reduce fleet operating costs. Tracking mobile assets via GPS is the foundation of fleet management practices. This type of software shows how employees use your vehicles, trailers, and heavy equipment from any desktop or mobile device.

With GPS tracking, fleet and field people can reduce fuel and labor costs by controlling idling, speeding, unauthorized usage, and maintenance scheduling. They’re able to locate trailers quickly and easily, as well as track the temperatures of refrigerated trailers to ensure compliance with Food Safety Modernization Act laws.

GPS Insight solutions range from plug-and-play devices to hardwired devices that offer more features to help you get results. Our hardware is built for vehicles, powered assets, and non-powered assets.

  • Monitor usage of vehicles, trailers, and heavy equipment
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs
  • Protect people and assets
  • Dispatch more effectively
Get in accident prevention mode,instead of accident reaction mode.

Driveri Smart Cameras

The Driveri smart camera saves you the effort of reviewing, evaluating, and storing footage by doing it all for you. Improve driver safety and reduce your risk of costly accidents.

Even with GPS tracking, it’s difficult to truly understand everything that’s happening in your vehicles. What’s missing is the context and ability to actually see what transpired or what caused a particular event. That’s why fleet and field managers are turning to forward-facing and driver-facing in-vehicle cameras and the video telematics data they deliver.

These solutions range from simple dashcams to our Driveri artificial intelligence-equipped smart camera. Driveri offers an HD view, in-vehicle alerts for real-time coaching, and endless insights to provide true visibility into each driver’s actions on the road. It also provides valuable visual evidence to mitigate against nuclear judgments when an accident was caused by another motorist – not your employee.

  • Real-time incident detection
  • AI recognizes safe and unsafe driving behaviors
  • Coach drivers toward improvement
  • Recognize positive driving with Driver Stars

Field Service Management

Our field service management software, FieldAware, connects your entire field service operation and drives value to every part of your business.

If getting organized, getting paid, and growing your business are high on your list of priorities, field service management can help. While the fleet management solutions we’ve mentioned provide insights into mobile assets and drivers, field service management software provides insights into field operations.

Field service solutions can eliminate paper from your workflow – no more lost invoices or work orders – and speeds communication between the office and field teams. You’ll also be able to track customers’ data to deliver a more personalized experience. Field service software also provides historical information about jobs, customers, and performance to help you pinpoint opportunities to improve and fuel growth.

  • Expedite scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing processes
  • Vital project information at your fingertips
  • Track, automate, and optimize your operations
  • Streamlines communication between teams
Other benefits include: streamlining payroll and accounting, eliminating human error, improved customer communication, and optimizing scheduling, routing, and dispatching.

Compliance Management

Safeguard your business, ensure full FMCSA and DOT compliance, and eliminate paperwork with robust and flexible ELD and DVIR solutions.

Trucking and heavy haul companies deal with a maze of government regulations. Compliance management solutions such as Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) make it easier to navigate federal requirements and ensure compliance.

GPS Insight compliance solutions ease the burden of tedious Hours of Service (HOS) logging, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting, and DVIR inspection recording.

  • Built to support your needs
  • Solutions to meet government mandates
  • Free DVIR in the GPS Insight native mobile app
  • Great customer experience with 24/7 support
Choose from hardwired or BYOD (bring your own device) options to make regulatory compliance easier than ever.

Born on the Road, Raised in the Field

Every day, society counts on Fleet and Field People to keep stores stocked, packages delivered, and mobile workers serving their communities. From long-haul truckers to dispatchers, field service techs, or the pros who manage them, you’re Fleet and Field People.

We all rely on Fleet and Field People, and Fleet and Field People rely on GPS Insight solutions for accountability, compliance, efficiency, and safety.

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