IT support services at your fingertips,your own IT support department.

Simple IT problems can turn into IT disasters and cause serious damage to a company’s service level and reputation. Smaller companies often do not need the utility of a full-time IT support contract, as their IT problems are less complex and more sporadic, but many of them have not considered the need for emergency coverage.

At NebulaCloud we have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that we give to all of our clients so that we have a fair ticketing and assistance process. The SLA is determined by the hours covered and the priority of the problem for each ticket that is generated.

This is where we can help. Whether or not your organization has an existing contract with us, we can provide the same level of technical expertise and advanced hardware and software to tackle unique IT problems or projects.

  • Automated fault detection
  • Remote monitoring of all critical systems
  • Report unauthorized access attempts
  • Record changes to confidential data
  • Continuous data backup and disaster recovery
  • Installation, configuration and software updates

What Can You Expect FromOur IT Support Services?

Some companies don’t need a full-time IT specialist, but if something breaks or malfunctions, they will waste time and money waiting for an expert to come to their facility and repair it. By using the expertise of a remote IT support service as part of their managed IT plan, businesses can have immediate access to an IT help desk where expert IT engineers can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time network monitoring with automatic alerts to detect threats before they have a chance to establish themselves.

Proactive Resolutions

We don't wait for things to go wrong. We ensure and improve the resilience of your network in advance.

Efficient maintenance

Our engineers are constantly working to improve your IT network, making it more efficient and secure.

Patch Management

Don't miss an update. With our patch management service we keep all your software and devices up to date.