Unlock Powerful Capabilities with Command Mobile

Intuitively Designed Mobile top-rated security app gives teams the power to manage physical security on-the-go from any mobile device.

Find Critical Footage In Seconds

With Command Mobile app, cloud-based footage is just a swipe away

Top Mobile App for Remote Monitoring

Provide teams with a seamless experience on any device and enable users to effectively monitor and respond to situations from wherever they are.

Real-Time Incident Response

Share live feeds via SMS with local authorities for increased security during emergency situations

Proactive Notifications

Get alerts of critical changes across your environment and contextualize events with real-time video footage.

Built-in Security Integrations

Partnerships with industry-leading MFA providers ensure secure, remote access to your system.

Motion Grid History

Instead of scrolling through hours of footage, you can skip to the moments in which motion was detected. Select a region to find only the most relevant video results.

People Analytics & Profiles

Speed investigations by filtering results using face search, clothing color and appearance. Create profiles to be notified when person of interest is detected across sites.

Vehicle Analytics

Search for vehicles by color, body type or make.

Stay In The Know

Quickly view system health across sites and identify if any device falls offline or is tampered with.

Remotely Install Devices From Your Phone

Whether you’re installing 10 or 1,000 devices, Command Mobile makes it easy to get started. By scanning a QR code or entering an order number, activate devices in no time.

Environmental Data

Environmental sensors seamlessly integrate with cameras to provide new levels of visibility into changes across your environments.

Site Trends

Turn camera analytics data into insights to quickly understand site trends.